SmartLipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

SmartLipo vs. Traditional Liposuction: Which is Better?

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Liposuction is the top cosmetic surgery performed, even over breast augmentation.  Dr. Gilbert uses the latest in technology, and performs a thorough consultation in order to create a custom plan that meets your individual needs. The benefits of SmartLipo over Traditional and Tumescent liposuction are irrefutable.


The ideal candidates for SmartLipo are people who are at or near their ideal body weight and those patients who have no underlying health problems and who have dieted and exercised with minimal results. SmartLipo is a cosmetic practice that has a range of advantages over traditional or tumescent liposuction.


SmartLipo uses a laser probe that targets fatty tissue. This laser gives off an energy that is applied to the targeted area and liquefies the fat cells, turning them into an oily fluid. Smart Lipo is intended to treat specific locations of fat on the body such as the waist, hips, inner thighs and outer thighs. Greenville Vein and Aesthetics Center’s Smart Lipo technology melts the fat cells giving you a smoother and more sculpted body.


There are many benefits to SmartLipo treatment including the stimulation of collagen growth from the laser energy as well as the skin tightening application. There is no nausea, which is commonly related to liposuction under general anesthesia, as well as a decrease in risk for serious side effects. Bruising is minimal with Smart Lipo. There are also no hospital visits; the entire procedure can be performed in office. Usually patients can return to normal activity within one to two days. Results can be seen usually within a week and continue to improve over three to six months. The cost of SmartLipo is also considerably less than traditional or tumescent liposuction.


Tumescent liposuction is done under local anesthetic that numbs the area of the body where the tube will be inserted. A large amount of anesthetic solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine is then injected into the fatty tissue before tumescent liposuction is performed. Tumescent liposuction may not require general anesthesia (which makes you sleep through the procedure). There are several advantages of the tumescent liposuction over traditional liposuction including; less blood loss, intravenous fluids are not necessary and the risk of infection is reduced. With tumescent liposuction the duration of anesthetic effects may last as long as up to twenty-four hours.


Liposuction can enhance your appearance and self confidence. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon. Individuals considering liposuction often feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of options and techniques being promoted today. However, your surgeon can help decide what procedure is best suited for you. Liposuction can improve body contour and set you on your way to a better, more attractive body.


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